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How to Motivate your Employees & Increase Productivity

Employees need and want regular feedback, either daily or weekly, so it’s important to note that an annual review alone is not going to cut it.

Regular coaching along with a formal twice yearly review process is the key to performance and alignment. By performing an appraisal with a team member and then providing them with ongoing coaching and mentoring demonstrates an interest in everything they do.

How are you measuring your team performance?

Every time we start working with a new building company, we get them to focus on their key numbers. When you focus on the key performance indicators, performance improves!

Performing a personal appraisal twice a year will give you an opportunity to share with that team member exactly how you feel about their performance in different areas of the business.

When your team understands exactly what you expect from them, and how you are going to measure their performance, results improve exponentially.

To keep your team members on track, you need to coach them

When you focus on coaching rather than managing, a lot of the frustrations you currently feel will disappear.

The first part of the appraisal template is filled in by the employer prior to meeting up. The second part is for the employee to fill in and bring to the meeting.

The appraisal then takes into account the views of both the employee and the employer. Different perspectives on performance can be discussed and addressed in a calm, controlled environment.

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